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Are you a fan of Anime? So am I! I have been a huge fan of Anime and Japanese culture for as long as I can remember.  This gallery includes original fanart as well as some redraw fun. This collection is far from complete but I hope you enjoy what you see here. If you … Continue reading Anime-Fanart


Ever heard of “Draw This In Your Style”? It is when an artist creates an original character (OC) and asks the public to draw said character to create something special between the two artists.  This along with other paired artworks will fall in this gallery for collaborations.  I hope to do more of these soon … Continue reading Collaborations


Ever fall in love with a particular scene and wish it could be captured in a special way? Several times I have really liked an image and wished it was: * Large enough to be a poster, * Re-imagined to be a little different, or * Have more details added where something might of been … Continue reading Commissions

Inktober 2019

Thank you all for joining me on my first Inktober experience.  Ink has always been intimidating to me because it is very permanent compared to pencil. For that reason, I don’t have a lot of practice drawing with ink but this was a fun experience. There were a lot of good prompts this year that … Continue reading Inktober 2019


Calling all Mermaids and Mermen! Similar to October, the arrival of May for an artist symbolizes the start of something awesome.  Prompts (a list of words for each day) are usually announced in April to help inspire an artist to create something spectacular related to Mer-people.  Being a huge fan of the anime One Piece, … Continue reading MerMay-2019

Need Help Getting Through The Day

Having a tough day or just a very uninspiring morning? If you are like me, some days are a little harder to deal with than others.  I like to use this section for life lessons and ways to help bring some positivity toward your day.  Please navigate through the slide show to find our past … Continue reading Need Help Getting Through The Day

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